Friday, 14 February 2014

A piece of legislation which *is* wanted

Considering the rumours which were circulating yesterday about the abandonment of the recall measure (now confirmed) promised in the coalition agreement (reflecting the manifestos of both Conservatives and LibDems), one wonders why Angela Eagle did not mention it in her attack yesterday. Of course, Labour MPs' expenses transgressions were a major reason for their 2010 general election loss. Could it be that, like David Cameron, they feel that they are still harbouring current members and candidates who may be liabilities between general elections? It will be interesting to see whether Ed Miliband goes further than a snide comment at Prime Minister's Questions next week. I believe that Labour have yet to pick a subject for their next allotted debate.

Tim Farron, LibDem party president has commented: "It seems very wrong to me that an MP can be in position for the five years of a Parliament, get up to things which all of us would agree are inappropriate and be in a position where they would not be able to be held to account during that time. [...] What it looks like to the electorate is that MPs are trying to protect themselves against them, and that's not on."

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