Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How well are we protected from flooding?

This is the report (32-page pdf) referred to in the recent BBC-Wales TV programme and Western Mail article. It will be seen from the tables in the report that, while Cardiff tops the overall at-risk table, more  properties in Neath and Port Talbot are in the serious or moderate risk categories than in the capital. Scientists predict that such storm series as those which inundated Somerset and the Thames Valley this year, and central Europe in 2010 and again last year, are going to be more frequent and more intense because of global warming.

South Wales has so far got off relatively lightly compared with southern England and coastal Wales further north. It would, however, have needed the jetstream to have twitched just a degree or so further north last month to inflict devastation on sensitive areas in this county borough. I am concerned about Cadoxton, which still has no replacement for its ageing and inadequate Victorian drainage, and the low-lying parts of Briton Ferry.

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