Sunday, 5 October 2014

Evidence from the streets

Prostitution, like homosexuality, has always been with us. The former has after all been traditionally known as the world's oldest profession. After over a century of oppressive legislation, the United Kingdom has now recognised that same-sex relationships may be in the minority but they are a valid part of society. Now there are signs that a more mature attitude to sex work is growing. The resolution reached in the debate on Saturday does not seem to have inspired a glut of prurient* headlines. Even the Murdoch Sunday Times gives as much prominence to Steve Webb's pension reforms.

The only person to speak against the motion yesterday was a man. The point was made time and time again that laws which merely shifted criminality from prostitutes to the potential clients, the anti-kerb-crawling legislation or "the Nordic model" had in practice resulted in more dangers to sex workers.

* One schoolboy thought did cross my mind, though. Both Evan Harris and Chris Davies revealed that when in the House of Commons they had both been recipients of the sex workers' politician of the year award. This takes the form of a flying golden penis, and I wondered whether they had compared their trophies for size.


Cyril Smith said...

Cut out the crap !

This is the truth.

2010 election pledges by Nick Clegg all spectacularly broken..

I pledge not to increase tuition fees
I pledge not to close sure start centres
I pledge an extra 3000 police officers
I pledge to introduce mansion tax
I pledge fairer taxes for all
I pledge no VAT rise.


Former Councillor and renowned freemason Keith Davies promised a strongly worded letter denouncing Neath Port Talbot Council and the Welsh Assembly Government in support of Linda Lewis months ago.

Why is this dragging on ?

Is he skirting around the issue ?

Supporters of Linda are angry at further deceit from this man.

Where is it????????

Frank H Little said...

None of the statements about Nick Clegg is true as stated, so one can assume that the rest is also unsound.