Sunday, 17 May 2015

Blood sports

It is interesting that the forces of reaction did not call for a referendum on hunting with hounds*, which they clearly felt they would lose. According to the Indy, they are instead confident of bouncing Parliament into repealing the Hunting Act 2004 on the back of the new Conservative majority.

It should be noted, however, that the manifesto commitment was to a free vote on the repeal. There are more known opponents of hunting on the Conservative benches than supporters of field sports within the opposition. It can be assumed that many others will be swayed by the correspondence they will receive from the League Against Cruel Sports and other humane organisations into abstaining, at least. Therefore, the non-participation of the SNP in an England-and-Wales-only matter should not matter. Further, the House of Lords is no longer dominated by the landed gentry so even if repeal passes the Commons, it cannot be assumed to have an easy passage through the upper house.

* As opposed to EU membership, where they seem confident of a majority in the country but not in the Commons.

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