Friday, 15 May 2015


It is not obvious from the TV news bulletins, but the trouble in Burundi was sparked by an attempt by president Pierre Nkurunziza, in his final term of office, to hold on to power in contravention of the constitution.

Alice Nzomukunda, who leads the liberal Alliance Démocratique pour le Rénouveau, has called on Nkurunziza to take direct responsibility for the conflict and coup attempts in the country.

Liberal International reports:

Amid widespread public protests and deepening power struggle in the central African country, giving her appraisal of the crisis exclusively to LI News, Ms. Nzomukunda said: “President Nkurunziza and his gang have to be held responsible for all the casualties that have taken place in the last three weeks following their determination to violate the Arusha Accords and the Constitution of the Republic of Burundi.”

The former vice-president was clear that the responsibility for ending the conflict peacefully does not simply lie with the hands of the President. “The insurgent liberators of the population have to sit together with all political, civil and moral forces to decide on the future of the country”, insisted Nzomukunda.

Adding to her comment for LI News the former Vice-President also called on liberals from around the world to issue a declaration supporting the protest of the Burundian people and the respect for the core texts underpinning the functioning of the Burundian society.

In the World Today Resolution adopted by the 59th Congress in Rotterdam, LI called on the government of Burundi to respect all points contained within the agreed roadmap, in particular the agreement "to engage in inclusive dialogue before any changes to the constitution are pursued."

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