Friday, 18 September 2015

Conference time

Off to Bournemouth today, not to body-board on the Boscombe surf reef waves, nor even to see whether one of my fantasy league predictions comes out well, but to attend what promises to be a crucial Liberal Democrat conference and AGM*. It may not receive much attention in the national media (unless the Trident vote goes the right way), but it will set the tone for the Farron leadership for the rest of this parliament. I hope to cast my vote for more democracy: to prevent party managers riding roughshod over the will of conference, and to endorse the one-member, one-vote, constitutional change which is already in force in the Welsh party.

So blogging will either be sparse or profuse for the next few days, depending on what sort of Wi-Fi connections I can find in Dorset.

* Our agenda has been public for weeks now. Labour meets next week but I have seen not a trace of their plans. Surely they were not waiting for a diktat from their new leader?

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