Sunday, 20 September 2015

I'd like to take Mr Whippy to Sky News

The Sunday Times has taken a minor point (calling for a ban on diesel-powered vehicles and locomotives running their engines while stationary) in a LibDem conference motion drawing attention to the increasing evidence of the danger from particulates in diesel exhaust. It has extrapolated this to a threat to ice-cream vans (assuming that these are all diesel-powered, which I doubt). Sky News* (under the same proprietorship) takes it further and implies that banning Mr Whippy is the only item on the conference agenda.

To be fair, the policy of free school meals in England, under threat by the Treasury, has been correctly ascribed to Nick Clegg while in government, and Greg Mulholland has been featured in his fight for better conditions for junior doctors in the English NHS. But it is Mr Whippy which will catch the eye of Sky viewers.

* I was only watching Sky as the only news channel available in my B&B's TV service. It was either that or a re-run channel or one of four "adult" offerings.

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