Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Great entrances

The film column in the latest Radio Times lists great entrances in movies. I am gratified to see Harry Lime at number three.  This was for me the best of the lot, and paid homage to in at least one TV series.  But many of the others in the list are hardly great and some of the great ones are undeservedly low, notably Laura at no. 63.

I also believe that the compilers of the list missed a trick in not considering comedies other than Some Like It Hot (I agree with no. 14, by the way). One of my favourites is the dramatic entry of Sara (Victoria Tennant) in LA Story, knocking over outdoor restaurant furniture and swearing in a cut-glass accent. And what about Blazing Saddles, where there are two great entrances: Bart (Cleavon Little) and Mongo?

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