Saturday, 17 October 2015

Long-established bloggers

Mark Valladares (Liberal Bureaucracy) pays tribute to long-established LibDem bloggers who are still exercising their keyboards (or keypads), Jonathan Calder, Stephen Glenn, Stephen Tall and Peter Black, as well as giving himself a deserved pat on the back. Peter boasts the distinction of the longest-running blog by an elected parliamentarian in the UK.

This corner of the blogosphere started operating in 2008, but I used to hijack the official Aberavon & Neath Web pages for two years prior to that, terminated by a legal warning about my mischievous criticism of NPT's fire precautions. Further back, I bored (and still bore) people on CIX from the days when it was a bulletin board connected to Fidonet in the late 1980s. I also dabbled here.

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