Friday, 4 December 2015

A welcome Liberal win

I have just read in the latest Liberal International newsletter (needless to say the good news did not rate a mention on BBC or even al-Jazeera) of success for Egypt's LI affiliate in the recent elections there:

Egyptian liberals emerge as the largest party in parliament
Thursday 3 December 2015 13:12

LI full member Free Egyptians Party (FEP) emerged as the winner of the elections for the House of Representatives in Egypt. With the announcement of the results of both rounds of a complicated parliamentary vote* the Egyptian liberals will have the largest parliamentary group with total of 65 seats.
Besides becoming the largest parliamentary group, the FEP leader Dr. Issam Khalil announced that the party has won a majority of votes in the national capital Cairo. Underling that in the new parliament the FEP will be represented by many young people and extraordinary women, the party leader added “We have women like Mona Jaballah, and Inas Abdel Halim, and they are among the final number of Egyptian Liberals who entered in the parliament in the second round with 21 individual seats and 3 on the party list, in addition to 36 individual seats and 5 on the list in the first stage.”

Dr. Khalil congratulated the new Honourable members of House of Representatives who were successful whether from the FEP, from other parties, or as independents, stressing that “it is noticeable that the [Egyptian] people chose young men and women in addition to the new faces that will be present in parliament… This is what we expected,” said Dr. Khalil.

The leader of the Free Egyptians addressed the party members saying: "Congratulations to the Egyptian Liberal Party. We wish good luck to our parliamentarians who will work hard always being optimistic and always thinking of the future.”

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