Friday, 11 December 2015

Political blogs

At the risk of upsetting my more partisan colleagues, I should like to place on record my appreciation of the blog by Neath MP Christina Rees. To my mind, it is just what a representative's report to her constituents should be, mixing local activities with explanations of what is going on in Westminster. It is also a contrast to those of most MPs who believe they are in safe seats and take their constituents for granted, using any Web presence for no more than an occasional blast of party propaganda. I would put her predecessor's blog in that category. Ms Rees's explanation of her vote in the Syria debate is here.

The most assiduous Westminster blogger is probably John Redwood, who posts practically every day, more often than not several times a day. Some might point to self-obsessiveness, but he does also address his constituents' concerns.

As a class, though, Liberal Democrats are models of communication through on-line media, as befits the heirs of Paddy Ashdown, the first member to bring personal computing in to the Palace of Westminster. Although we have lost so many through the general election bought by the Conservatives earlier this year (Stephen Williams and Stephen Lloyd were among my favourites), we still have in Wales the long-running (possibly the longest running?) political blog by Peter Black.

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