Saturday, 15 October 2016

It's what Wales voted for, part 12

 - or, I told you this would happen. Writing about the Welsh Assembly's Ukip members, Private Eye reports:

they also use Assembly money to bolster Ukip in England.

Hamilton's 'chief of staff' in the Welsh Assembly, Robin Hunter-Clarke, is a Lincolnshire county councillor who lives in Skegness, 245 miles from Cardiff. The 23-year-old came close to becoming an MP in 2015 with 34 percent of the vote in Boston and Skegness. In the absence of any obvious work being carried out by Ukip AMs on the ground in Wales, it appears Welsh taxpayers' money is contributing mainly to the Skeggy economy. Hunter-Clarke's wife, Melanie, is also employed by Hamilton.

Private Eye also reminds readers that Neil Hamilton and Mark Reckless continue to live in England.

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Stan said...

Good spot, Frank. Apart from both being employed by the odious Neil, I expect someone will eventually unearth some other stronger link that ties them to the Hamiltons eventually.