Friday, 25 November 2016

A contribution to eliminating antibiotic resistance

Thanks to the Guardian's Political Science site for putting me on to Nesta. Actually, the particular post it flagged up was about Arloesiadur. This is a computing tool for, it seems to me, picking up trends before they become trendy, a useful aid to government policy makers. Civil servants are not always bad at picking winners and this may help the process.

Anyway, exploring Nesta further put me on to this news item which is worthy of wider dissemination (Radio 4, where are you?). Follow the link for details of the teams at work on one of the great menaces of our time. Here is Nesta's summary:

The Discovery Awards are small seed grants to help teams and individuals further develop their ideas for the Longitude Prize. This seed funding aims to help registered teams move their ideas forward, as well as to broaden the range of innovators competing for the prize by encouraging new teams to enter the race.

The Longitude Prize is a global science competition that will award £8 million to a diagnostic test that helps solve the problem of global antibiotic resistance. It is being run by Nesta and supported by Innovate UK as funding partner.

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