Sunday, 11 December 2016

Centenarians on screen - and behind it

Much has been made of Kirk Douglas hitting three figures, and earlier in the year Olivia de Havilland, but centenarians in the film business are more common than one might expect. This list on IMDb was last updated two years ago, so it may be expected that the roll-call now extends well beyond the 141 names recorded there. I am glad to see that one of my favourite entries, Norman Lloyd, is still with us and that the film he made when he was over a hundred achieved release.

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Frank Little said...

Other updates are Leslie H. Martinson (b. Jan 1915, d. September 2016), Meg Mundy (1915-2016), Earl Schuman (I) (1916–2016), the great Harry Rabinowitz (1916–2016), Jack Rollins (I) (1915–2015), Vladimir Zeldin (1915–2016), Van Alexander (I) (1915–2015), Amelia Bence (1914–2016), Kathryn Trosper (1915–2016), Phyllis Creore Westermann (1916–2016), Irving Fields (1915–2016), Eddie Carnett (1916–2016), Rosamond Bernier (1916–2016), João Havelange (1916–2016), Grace Lee Boggs (1915–2015), Al Konetzni (1915–2016), Thomas Round (1915–2016), Madalena Sotto (1916–2016), Elizabeth McIntosh (II) (1915–2015), Loris Francesco Capovilla (1915–2016), John Craighead (I) (1916–2016), Piet de Jong (II) (1915–2016), Traute Foresti (1915–2015), Horacio Salgán (1916–2016), Coleridge Goode (1914–2015), Berman Swarttz (1915–2016), Jerome 'Jock' Levy (1916–2016), Jerome Bruner (1915–2016), Khabiba Elebekova (1916–2016), Pietro Ingrao (1915–2015).

I knew there would be an increase because of the rise of centenarians in the population generally, but if I knew quite how many people in the movie business had hit 100 in the last two years, I would not have started this exercise! There are not many well-known names there, but quite a few more who were well known in their hey-day.

The list excludes any centenarians who have not died yet.