Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Cimla Post Office: consultation, what consultation?

Cimla Post Office is to be moved from CK's food store to a less central position. It was bad enough that it was given up as a dedicated sub-post-office in the first place, but at least it was saved by the Liberal Democrats insistence on no post office closures in the 2010 coalition agreement. To add insult to injury, there seems to have been no consultation with the wider public about the proposed new move. The council clearly was consulted, because the first I heard of it was a posting by Cllr Andrew Jenkins on his web-site a couple of days ago. A less assiduous Labour councillor (and there are too many of those) would no doubt have let it pass. I checked with our members in Cimla and only one seems to have been aware of the impending move.

But it is too late to alert the wider public anyway: the link to the "consultation" web-page is broken and replaced by a message to the effect that the consultation period is over.

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