Saturday, 25 February 2017

Welsh governance must be cleaned up

This sort of thing thrives when one party becomes the institution of government. Daran Hill, as head of a consultancy, clearly has an axe to grind, but from what I know of him would accept defeat gracefully if a rival won this contract in an open competition.

OFCOM awarded the tender to Deryn with no competition despite the fact it has 2 members of the OFCOM board for Wales. That should have made it an absolute requirement to go to tender like other public bodies. OFGEM is going through a tender right now, and it has no obvious conflict of interest.
But no, because OFCOM looking for a specialist service that only Deryn could provide. Which is funny for 2 reasons:
1. That type of specialist service described by OFCOM themselves in the Western Mail is offered by a range of other companies. And yes, that includes my own. So that bit of the OFCOM response is a lie, and makes me believe the rest of the OFCOM response is a lie too.
2. Deryn has never had any monitoring clients. They jointly tender with newsdirect who do the monitoring side for Deryn and are not APPC members and newsdirect use that as a way of hiding clients, including public bodies, from any form of public disclosure. Just look at the Deryn APPC disclosure - no monitoring. Newsdirect does it all so it can all be done in secret.…/u…/APPC-Register-November-2016.pdf

[Extract from Daran Hill's Facebook page]

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