Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Not just a one-issue party (continued)

I am glad to see that a Young Liberal activist shares my belief that we need to emphasise that the party's philosophy is broader, and has wider application, than our media image projects. Oliver Craven writes of:

concerns about housing, jobs, education and health and the provision of these as the population increases. The lack of provision is not the fault of migrants, it is the fault of a government failing to plan for the future of our vital public services.

I would only add "police employment law" to that list of failures. A genuine complaint by unskilled (and even semi-skilled) workers is that their jobs - typically on short-term building contracts - can be taken by immigrants who are in turn coerced or deceived into receiving less than the national minimum wage. This is an injustice to which our membership of a common travel-to-work area is irrelevant. The replacement labour is as likely to comprise immigrants who have no legal right to work here as those who do.

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