Monday, 12 February 2018


It is easy to see parallels between the sex scandals in Britain's leading charity and those in the BBC. In both, whistle-blowers were ignored. Both Oxfam and BBC are revered institutions which it is difficult to criticise without being characterised as a swivel-eyed reactionary. Both have also been springboards for political careers. There appears to have sprung up an atmosphere of entitlement in both.

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Frank Little said...

I hasten to add that the failure of management - maybe only one unscrupulous manager - in Oxfam is no reason to cut our foreign aid budget. Oxfam is just one conduit for DfID, which asserts that it is careful to ensure that aid money goes to the people who need it. In the case of Oxfam, the Department may have taken the charity's reputation for granted and perhaps needs to carry out its own spot checks. I also have reservations that aid money may go towards needless projects, benefiting the Carillions of this world.

Otherwise, I am completely with Peter Black.