Monday, 17 February 2020

A way out for Prince Harry's staff?

As an aside to her piece at the weekend on the subject of the mini-purge of Special Advisors in Downing Street, Janet Street-Porter wrote:

Another savage staffing cull emerged yesterday, in the Royal Household. Harry and Meghan are closing their office in Buckingham Palace and moving or getting rid of 15 members of staff. Loyal workers who had the difficult task of dealing with the media and running their diaries and their social media accounts, including a newly appointed private secretary and a head of communications. Apparently, the royal couple told staff in January, when they made the unexpected announcement they were stepping down from royal duties. Many of their staff are negotiating redundancy packages - along, no doubt, with non-disclosure agreements.

One trusts that staff were offered the opportunity to follow the Sussexes to Canada, allowing them to avoid the uncertainty of employment in post-Brexit England.

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