Friday, 26 February 2021

Post-Brexit trade with Ireland hindered by zealous officials

CBI Wales is complaining that 

Welsh exports to Ireland are being blocked by extra paperwork and costs at customs [...] the authorities in the Republic of Ireland were "zealous" when checking goods which was "causing some delays."

The Irish government has declared that it is keen on facilitating trade between the two countries, and it is clearly in their interest to do so given the close links pre-Brexit. However, what politicians and executives in the capital aspire to and what local functionaries feel is their job at the sharp end are too different matters. 

Brexiteers were warned against such disparities during Mrs May's negotiations, though when I did so I had French jobsworths in mind rather than the Irish. It is now up to governments in London, Dublin and Cardiff to sort this out before more Welsh businesses go to the wall.

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