Friday, 9 April 2021

Racist abuse of footballers: Swans take a social media intitiative

 BBC reports:

Swansea City have announced a week-long social media boycott on all platforms to combat abuse and discrimination. Players, including first team, academy sides and women's team, staff and the club's official accounts [stopped posting] from 17:00 BST on 8 April.

This is a significant gesture, but it seems to me that Facebook, Twitter and the rest will take notice only if more star players, those with a large online following, join in. Swans probably have a fan base out of proportion to their present position in the League hierarchy, but with all due respect do not command the star power of the leaders in the Premier League and the glamour of their international players. If the latter, in whom commercial interests have a stake, show solidarity then we might see the social media platforms take steps to reduce, if not eliminate, this blight on both the beautiful game and the Web.

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