Tuesday, 27 April 2021

The Mullin gap

 I am near the end of Chris Mullin's View from the Foothills now. It has been an entertaining read, very good on the difficulties of reconciling family life with a Westminter MP's existence, particularly when the MP in quesition is a junior minister. In turn, Mullin makes clear that the life of a junior minister is not as attractive as the title sounds. There are some interesting analyses of places which are still in the news today like Afghanistan or one which has achieved even more prominence, Tigray province. 

Disappointingly, the diary entries for the most critical months of the period which the book covers are missing. There is a huge gap in the late summer and early August coverng the period when Dr David Kelly was hounded to death. It must have been during this time that the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction which he had taken on trust because of Tony Blair's assertion that they existed were finally shown to be smoke and mirrors. Will those missing diary entries see the light of day eventually?

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