Sunday 2 October 2022

Is there a British Jeffrey Epstein?

 The i newspaper has an article this weekend asserting that there is a major untouchable child abuser at large in the country. Mark Williams-Thomas, a former police detective, now a TV journalist, who was able to document the shameful career of paedophile Jimmy Savile, says there are still perpetrators out there. 

There is one very significant person who I've done everything to try and get prosecuted because he is clearly a child sex offender. To date, the CPS won't prosecute. The police and I have tried really hard to get there. He will die in due course and then the floodgates will open in the same way they did with Savile That's not right.

Williams-Thomas gives no hint as to whether the man concerned is in show business, like Savile, a politician or an entrepreneur. He is presumably wary of starting the sort of witch-hunt which embarrassed Harvey Proctor and Sir Cliff Richard. There is also the danger of an expensive libel suit being brought if the evidence will not stand up in court, complainants being too ashamed or intimidated to testify. 

Shame on those who are protecting individuals who are corroding our society.

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