Friday, 14 March 2008

Extraordinary by-election result

Generally, there is no point in publishing our council by-election wins, unless they occur in Wales. Truth be told, we have had losses too. The same is true of the other parties. In spite of what the media-commissioned opinion research says, actual votes in actual ballot-boxes show that the parties nationally are treading water.

However, when the party defending a seat increases its majority from 43 to nearly 400, and this occurs in Greater London where the forthcoming mayoral contest is supposed to be between Labour Kooky Ken and Conservative Batty Boris, it's worth recording:

London Borough of Brent, Queen's Park ward

Sharar Ali (Green) 239
Lesley Daisley (Labour) 851
Durmaj Dhillon (Con) 292
Simon Green (Lib Dem) 1242

It's also good news for Sarah Teather, LibDem MP for Brent East.

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Peter Black said...

Alas Queen's Park is in the new marginal Hampstead and Kilburn constituency, not the one that Sarah Teather is fighting.