Thursday, 20 March 2008

Skateboards and dentistry

The last meeting of Coedffranc community council before the local election campaign took place last night.

There were bread-and-butter issues, like confirming tenders for various works and pursuing the matter of commuter car-parking.

We continue to fight for Cefn Parc Clinic. There were further revelations of inconsistencies and prevarications in the opposition's case.

As to skateboarding, my experience is that the most successful parks are the unofficial ones. When I worked in Penarth, it was amazing to see how quickly the station car park was taken over by enthusiastic young boarders after the commuters had departed. They caused no trouble or damage (that I could see) to any of the shops in the station parade.

However, we would like to see a facility for this still-popular activity in Skewen. Failing an unofficial skateboarding venue here, the council should provide one. We older people need to sort out the boring problems like insurance and possible sponsorship, but we also need input from the likely participants. At the meeting last night, I don't think there was a member under the age of 50. Hopefully, the elections will produce candidates to spread the age range on the incoming council.

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