Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Museum of Computing

Part of our heritage is under threat, according to a report on The Museum of Computing has been lovingly put together over years by volunteers, and has achieved the support of such as Sir Clive Sinclair.

However, it will lose its present home in July when Bath University closes the Oakdale campus in Swindon.

Those of us on CIX have known for a long time of the hard work Simon has put in towards building up the collection and publicising it. It is to be hoped that his work is not lost.

It has always seemed appropriate to me that a museum which reflects Britain's contribution to the major technology of the last 50 years should be in Swindon, where Brunel and Churchward achieved great things for the railway industry. Surely an equally suitable permanent home can be found.

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Simon Webb said...

Thank you for the support Frank, it's very much appreciated. We've been innundated with enquiries and suggestions, offers of help and people just wishing us good luck. One of the other reasons for staying in Swindon is we have a talented and enthusiastic team of volunteers here, we really don't want to lose them.

Simon Webb
Curator, Museum of Computing