Saturday, 8 November 2008

Ros Scott is president

I've just had the message from Chris Rennard: Baroness Scott has been elected Liberal Democrat Federal President.

For once, I have picked the winning ticket. Let's hope that Kirsty can make it two in a row.


Figures were:

Ros Scott 20,736 votes (72%)
Lembit Opik 6,247 votes (22%)
Chandila Fernando 1,799 votes (6%)

Turnout: 47.8% (+0.4% on last time)

Ros Scott will take up office on 1st January, succeeding Simon Hughes.


Frank H Little said...

This may be the first time that a major LibDem elected position has been won via the Internet. There is no doubt that Lembit has a higher profile in the traditional media. He tried to make use of this in the last weeks of the campaign, but the proliferation of "I'm 4 Ros" buttons across the LibDem blogosphere indicated which way the contest was going.

I have already sent an email of congratulations to Ros, but I would like to add here my appreciation of her visiting the grass-roots, to local parties great and small.

This is not to diminish Lembit's assiduity in travelling the country, nor of Simon Hughes' record of the same while in office and before. I'm sure, though, that we have the best person for the job.

Anonymous said...

To be fair on Baroness Scott, she has come to social gatherings organised, so pressing the flesh.

Frank H Little said...


I think Ros and Lembit are fairly even on that score, though possibly Lembit did concentrate on the larger constituencies. I'm also told that he was hardly ever off his mobile - when not actually attending formal functions, that is. Ros gave us her undivided attention when she visited.