Sunday, 14 December 2008

Hello, sailor; hello, boys!

A shipment of 130,000 inflatable breasts has been lost at sea between Beijing and Australia.

Australian men's magazine Ralph intended to include the breasts as a free gift with its January edition. The publisher did float the idea that they had been seized by pirates, but as the organisation is already in debt (according to the Digital Spy report ), one doubts whether it could raise the ransom money.

It is more likely that they are drifting on oceanic currents, which would make them a distinctive successor to the famous plastic ducks as a research tool.


Anonymous said...

I can think of plenty of Tits that should be lost at sea.

Anonymous said...

"...The publisher did float the idea..."

Was that an intentional pun?

Frank H Little said...

Let's just say I did not shy away from it. I did think of heading the post "From ducks to tits", but thought that was too crude.