Friday, 19 December 2008

Obama: significant appointment of Energy Secretary

Only the BBC's World Service and the Guardian of our news media picked up on possibly the most significant appointment so far by the US President-elect. The energy secretary will be Nobel prize-winning physicist Steve Chu, a committed advocate for action on climate change.


Anonymous said...

Lets hope he can do something about Climate Change, rather than the ostridge approach of the flying shoe dodgers of the previous administration.

Frank H Little said...

It was worse than that under Bush: the administration was actively antagonistic towards environmental concerns. So already Obama,in appointing more enlightened people at both Energy and Environmental Affairs, has made a positive move.

Note also the contrast with Brown, who invited environmentalists into the "big tent" but promised no real power.

Frank H Little said...

Further good news relating to appointments to Obama's scientific team has been reported by LibDem Voice.