Monday, 8 December 2008

Shock! Horror! Many Welsh sceptical of Christmas story.

The Western Mail prints the results of a survey (what would newspapers do without surveys?) which appears to show that Welsh people are more likely to regard the Christmas story as fictional than their counterparts in any other part of the UK.

The paper then takes a flying leap across the evidential chasm (as a solicitor friend is wont to say) in claiming that this shows that the Welsh are more secular than the rest. As an agnostic myself, I would like to believe that this was so, but it surely means only that the Welsh do not need the evidence of miracles, or "conjuring tricks with bones" as a former bishop of Durham put it, to confirm them in their faith.

Then there are the churches which follow the Abrahamic God, without according a special place to Christ. I believe the Unitarian Church has been particularly strong in Wales.

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Anonymous said...

It would appear that there was a Conjunction of the planets sometime around the birth of Jesus, the so called Bethlehem Star