Monday, 2 March 2009

Abersystwyth joins Torbay and Swansea in the twentieth century

Radio Wales is reporting that the ban on showing Monty Python's "Life of Brian" in Aberystwyth is to be lifted after thirty years. The mayor of Aberystwyth, Plaid Cymru's Sue Jones-Davies, has a personal interest, of course; she played Judith in the film. (Though I preferred her in "Rock Follies".)

The ban in various places was always illogical. The film did not attack Christianity as such, but religiosity.

The Guardian reported last September when Torbay decided that the film was fit for showing there: "Members of the Monty Python team were not available for comment yesterday but when a ban was overturned in Swansea 11 years ago so that it could be shown in aid of Comic Relief, Python Eric Idle said: 'What a shame. Is nothing sacred?'"

Update 2009-3-2 17:45: "Good evening, Wales" has broken the news that the ban was rescinded some time ago, and that there was a screening of "Brian" in 1981. Still, it's all good publicity for charity, isn't it?

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According to Good Evening Wales last night Aberystwyth did stage a charity showing of Life of Brian in 1981.