Saturday, 21 March 2009

LibDem leader makes mischief on Radio Wales

Oh, for a web-cam in the “Called to Order” studio. Eluned Morgan's face must have been a picture at the end of the following dialogue. Ms Morgan and Kirsty Williams had been discussing with Patrick Hannan the prospects of Edwina Hart succeeding Rhodri Morgan as leader of the Welsh Labour Party and consequently as First Minister:

Kirsty Williams: She does have this overriding principle of drawing things to the centre and dictating from the centre and for me, as somebody that wants to see power devolved to local communities, that's a very worrying trend and that's been the hallmark of her tenure in the health department.

Patrick Hannan: But she is of course, and these are sensitive things, the only woman candidate who seems to be coming through at the moment, Kirsty.

Williams: Yes, that is correct. We don't see ... well, Jane Davidson has obviously announced her retirement and Jane Hutt came even closer to losing her seat and obviously does not have any intentions to put her name in the hat. The question is, what's Eluned going to do?

Hannan: Oh, [laughs] well, you'd better answer that question, Eluned. You're not in the Assembly ..

Williams: ...yet...

Hannan: ... well, not by September

Eluned Morgan: [inaudible] ... September ... [inaudible] no idea.

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