Monday, 23 March 2009

England wins cricket world cup

It's the women's team, of course. (Follow their progress here.)

One would like to think that this success would encourage sponsors to come in. The winning team is virtually completely amateur. In nineteenth century tradition, they have paid for their campaign out of their own pockets, or from family and friends. The team will break up as key members must give priority to finding paid employment when they return home. The only way to prevent this is for sponsorship to pay for them to play professionally.

However, commerce did not rise to the possibilities opened up by our women winning the Ashes in 2005, so prospects do not look good.

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Frank H Little said...

A letter-writer to the Independent newspaper today suggests a way in which women's cricket could be given more prominence: the whole World Cup-winning squad should be awarded MBEs, echoing those to the England men in 2006.