Monday, 27 April 2009

Asthma in the limelight

I try to avoid duplicating posts in the various blogs I contribute to, but I make no apologies for repeating here what I have already published on my Cadoxton councillor site:

Asthma UK starts nine days of green-themed fundraising on Friday. I’m delighted to see that the brilliant Cerys Matthews is adding her support to the campaign with the words: “It’s not hard to imagine how very frightening it is to be unable to breathe. For younger children the feeling must be even more scary as it’s hard to understand why you can’t breathe and panic can exacerbate the situation so it’s a vicious circle. I am supporting Asthma UK’s Putting Asthma in the Limelight campaign to encourage children who suffer from asthma to get to know how best to deal with their illness and hopefully to help them avoid having attacks in the future.”

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