Friday, 10 April 2009

A Liberal Democrat has breached election law

The appeal court has to be commended for confirming the conviction of a Liverpool councillor for publishing a leaflet which broke electoral law. Even though Steve Hurst is a Liberal Democrat, I cannot defend his actions. The content, judging from the Daily Post report, is no worse than some campaign material I have seen locally. The offence is not owning up to its real origin.

One wonders, though, whether the legal action would have been pursued with such vigour if the target of the dirty tricks had been, say, a Conservative councillor. The origin of the anonymous leaflet sent to voters in South Wales West before the last Assembly elections has still not been established.

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Anonymous said...

Well, as you well know Frank, it all depends on the Returning Officer, lets just remind the Public of the RO in Bridgend not acting on the fact that an elected Councillor in Bridgend didn't put an imprint on her election literature.....and he did nothing!