Saturday, 11 April 2009

Rutland prison riot

No, not an excerpt from Lord Bonkers' diary, but an actual event in a category C prison near Oakham. Reports of category B prisoners being moved into Ashwell gaol because of overspill elsewhere are denied by the Ministry of Justice, but Colin Moses, national chairman of the POA, claimed the association had warned that this type of disturbance might occur.

According to the BBC report, hesaid: "The current prison population and lack of appropriate prison places has resulted in prisoners being transferred away from their homes and put in lower category prisons resulting in more drugs, violence and gang cultures in our prisons.

"The drive for savings has led to fewer staff, a reduction in regime and offending behaviour programmes being cancelled. End result unhappy and bored prisoners."

One recalls similar claims and denials over an open prison in Gwent.

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