Tuesday, 22 December 2009

England already has one win in SA's World Cup

December "Railwatch" magazine reports that a £2bn railway is being built to Johannesburg's Tambo International Airport. This is expected to play a key rôle in South Africa's staging of the football World Cup in June and July of next year.

The leader goes on: "The four-car trains are being built in Derby by Bombardier and are based on the Electrostars already operating in Britain. Some are being assembled in South Africa using parts made in Britain."

Admittedly, Bombardier is a Canadian company, but it is good to see the Derby factory exporting again.

On a more local railway issue, Jenny Randerson is calling for a simpler and fairer fare structure on Wales's railways.

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Anonymous said...

On Monday of this week, the only way to get out of the Llynfi Valley was by train, no buses were running, and it was next to impossible to get a car along either the B4282 or the A4063.

Luckily, the land slip in Tondu that happened at the begining of the month on this lenght of track was cleared or the town would have been completely cut off for a day