Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Party list voting system fault exposed

Mohammed Ashgar, who was elected in 2007 for Wales South East on a nationalist ticket, has defected to the Conservative Party. I don't have much sympathy with Plaid as a party,  but I do think that their supporters in the south-east have been let down. It is highly unlikely that they knew anything about Mohammed Ashgar as an individual, so they could expect that the members of the list chosen by the party would follow the nationalist line.

It all points up one of the drawbacks of list systems.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the good people in the South East will now think twice about voting Plaid on the second paper; If they voted for Plaid on the second paper, they get a Tory.

I'm sure that Plaid are licking their wounds after they've been kicking themselves.

The big question is: How does someone who is a Unionist and staunch Royalist end up in the Number One slot, pole position for the South East Wales List???