Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Gordon Brown has a cheek

According to a leaked version of his New Year message, Gordon Brown  will assert that a vote in next year's general election for any party but Labour will wreck the economy. He has a bloody cheek.

It was his government's lax supervision of the markets which led to the economic breakdown in this country and, arguably, contributed to the world-wide financial failure of confidence. (Some of the world's largest banks are headquartered in London.)

It is natural for the Conservatives to remind voters of this. What they do not say is that Brown took his economic strategy largely unchanged from that of Thatcher and Major. Their pitch would also be more convincing if they had Ken Clarke in the shadow treasury post, rather than the lightweight George Osborne.

Vince Cable is the most credible of all the treasury spokesmen in the Westminster parliament. So far from wrecking the economy, installing him in no. 11 Downing Street would not only accelerate the improvement (still slower than all the other major economies) domestically but also restore the international confidence on which the UK more than ever depends.

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