Thursday, 18 November 2010

Glamorgan has become "a commercial operation"

Club president Peter Walker has resigned, and deposed captain Jamie Dalrymple has virtually torn up his player's contract. So far from being implicated in the decision to appoint a new county captain behind Matthew Maynard's back, Peter Walker asserted on BBC-Wales News this lunch-time that he had been completely in the dark. The chairman, Paul Russell, and chief executive Alan Hamer, had jointly taken the decision and presented it to the president and the committee as a fait accompli.

In his interview, Walker stressed that he had worked well with Russell and his vice-chairman, and that these two had ploughed much of their own money into the club. He recognised that they were due some return on their investment, but he felt that Glamorgan Cricket had become too much of a commercial operation. It was clear that he saw that he could not fulfil the task he set himself when he had been elected, of being the voice of the members in the administration and of creating greater transparency in its dealings. (There has still been no explanation for the departure of Mike Fatkin and the groundsman last year.)

There is a report by cricinfo on today's departures.

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