Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What gets us in trouble...

An activist not a million miles from Oldham writes: "It seems to me that the policy plans that get the coalition in the most trouble aren't the Liberal ones, and aren't the Tory ones.  They're the Labour ones.

"AV referendum: Lots of flak: not doing what either of us proposed, should we be spending money on this in a recession, blah blah.  Whose policy was it then?   Labour's. 

"Housing benefit cuts:  As per page 20 of Labour manifesto.

"Tuition fee changes.  As laid out in Labour's Browne report.  Actually tweaked to be a little less bad.

"VAT rise:  OK, there was a 0.5% difference in it, but essentially the same plan.

"If they weren't so loud and aggressive about it, you'd be able to enjoy the irony that what the unions and their fellow travellers are campaigning and protesting against most vigorously is the coalition doing the things that they bankrolled Labour to deliver in the first place..."

One could add the revenue settlement which Alistair Darling was planning for Wales, worse than that imposed by Osborne & Gillan.

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