Tuesday, 19 July 2011

"My criminal is scummier than your criminal" - inside Rebekah's newsroom

On the eve of Rebekah Brooks's appearance before a parliamentary committee, Reuter has published an article based on (unnamed) journalists' experiences of working on the News of the World after she had taken over.

A sample:

Journalists who worked there in that period describe an industrialised operation of dubious information gathering, reporters under intense pressure attempting to land exclusive stories by whatever means necessary, and a culture of fear, cynicism, gallows humour and fierce internal competition.

"We used to talk to career criminals all the time. They were our sources," says another former reporter from the paper who also worked for Rupert Murdoch's daily tabloid, The Sun.

"It was a macho thing: 'My contact is scummier than your contact.' It was a case of: 'Mine's a murderer!' On the plus side, we always had a resident pet nutter around in case anything went wrong."

A more complete version is at: http://www.smh.com.au/world/inside-rebekah-brookss-newsroom-the-dark-arts-of--dodgy-business-hq-20110719-1hmcz.html#ixzz1SXqKE000

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