Saturday, 16 July 2011

Scrap the top-up list for Welsh Assembly elections?

I'm surprised that there hasn't been more instant reaction to the Hain/Jones proposal to elect two AMs from each Welsh constituency on the new Westminster boundaries, scrapping the top-up list. One might have expected Mr Hain, who has long supported the Alternative Vote, to incorporate preferential voting in his proposition, but no: he wants to use simple crosses, as for council elections. Even though Liberal Democrats could expect to do rather better from this than the other two opposition parties, I hope there will be a robust response from the leadership, restating the party's belief in STV, the closest practical approach to a proportional voting system.


Senior said...

I struggle to understand STV, so I doubt people who are less intelligent than me would understand it. Though I don't support alternative vote, I think it is easier to understand than STV.

The Welsh Assembly should consist of politicians who are elected to represent Welsh constituencies in the House of Commons.

Frank H Little said...

From the point of view of the voter, STV is no more difficult than AV.

Given the demands on time in both assemblies, it is impossible to have one person represent a constituency in both London and Cardiff and do a good job in both, as recent history has shown.