Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Newspapers and the Nationalists

Thanks to Caron's Musings, I have become acquainted with a blog named The Steamie. (The "steamie" is the affectionate Scottish name for the launderette, presumably transferred from the earlier steam laundry. In both cases, wee wifeys would no doubt pass the time in gossip while waiting for their washing to be ready.) This particular item concerns Alex Salmond's relationship with News International. The SNP leader's career has been marked by success in public relations, both north and south of the border, and by shmoosing powerful business leaders. It would be natural for him to be close to Murdoch on both scores. It will be interesting to see whether this afternoon's grilling of the Murdochs touches on Scottish matters.

There is no such difficulty for Plaid. There was a time when the Conservative-supporting group which owned the Western Mail steered that paper towards PC, presumably on the principle that "my enemy's enemy is my friend", Labour being the main enemy and the Conservatives in Wales being insignificant electorally. That seems to have changed with a degree of proportionality in voting for the Assembly, leading to the current position where the Welsh Conservatives are the main opposition in Cardiff.

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glynbeddau said...

The Western mail has changed Policy to supporting Labour because it's now owned by Trinity Mirror which as you know is a Labour supporting paper.

Thoughy you might have known that!