Thursday, 6 October 2011

Balconiers' 40th Anniversary Celebration

The St Helen's Balconiers were founded in August 1972 as a result of a then county record hard-hitting opening partnership of 330 by Alan Jones and Roy Fredericks during the match against Northamptonshire at St Helen's. In the immortal words: I was there.

Since that day, the Balconiers have committed themselves to maintaining Glamorgan's playing matches away from Cardiff, in the face of great commercial pressure. That means such as Colwyn Bay, as well as Swansea. (I wonder if we'll ever see county cricket back at the Gnoll, though.)  The County has now recognised their efforts and, in connection with their drive to increase the membership of Glamorgan Cricket in west, north and mid-Wales, as well as celebrating the anniversary, have agreed to pay for Balconiers' membership in their 2012 membership package.

There is a special "Price Buster" membership of £99 (offer expires 31st October), details on To contact the Balconiers' Chairman, email john.balconiers at

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