Thursday, 13 October 2011

In which I agree with Adrian Hamilton - twice.

It is a rare day.

Not so much a murder plot as a screenplay

It is, for all the reasons Hamilton gives, incredible that the Iranian government should sponsor an assassination attempt on the ambassador of a fellow-Islamic nation, and a powerful one at that. That is not to say that some ultra-Shi'ite group wouldn't strike at the leading supporter of Sunni Islam. Nor is there one controlling mind in Iran. It is administered less by a government than a collision of interest groups. Nevertheless, it is more likely that the plot, if it existed, is a provocative act by some third party.

Come on, let's hear it for the little guy

The refusal of the Slovak parliament to ratify the initial EU support package for Greece at the first time of asking may have had more to do with domestic politics (the departing PM had made it a vote of confidence), but there was a point of principle too. Slovakia is a new member of the EU and was in no way a party to the finagling which brought Greece into the euro.

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