Friday, 15 March 2013

Is Rosie Wallace our answer to Adam Price?

In January, I suggested that English TV would not be able to produce a satisfactory equivalent to Borgen, the Danish drama series set in their prime minister's office. Part of the reason is that we are too familiar with real-life Westminster drama through news and current affairs programmes. The Danish system is just different enough to make it interesting. However, the Scottish Parliament is unknown to most of us. It transpires that Scottish Liberal Democrats have a published author in their midst whose second novel has been described "Holyrood's Borgen". I look forward to Scottish Television's adaptation for the small screen. It would make a change from the endless retreads of Taggart.

The Adam Price in the heading is not the former Plaid Cymru politician, of course.


Anonymous said...

will adam price stand in 2017? or is there something stopping him?

Frank Little said...

The "former politician" tag is cribbed from another reference site. However, I must admit to the same curiosity as "Anonymous" over Mr Price's future. I suspect he is keeping his options open.