Saturday, 9 March 2013

Perhaps the Beeb really is part of a LibDem conspiracy

I speculated yesterday that the corporation was deliberately not covering the political (as opposed to the personal) debates in Brighton to avoid embarrassing the leadership. As I type this, I have just watched a BBC relay of a lengthy speech by Theresa (note the "h") May at a Conservative Party Strategy Conference. It was a foretaste of the line to be taken by the Tories at the next general election. However, it will be taken as a leadership bid by Ms May, and its "dry" tone be seen as evidence of a reaction to David Cameron's avowed determination that the party will not lurch to the right.

It was not totally illiberal. However, the clear implication of her attack on the European Convention of Human Rights (not just the Human Rights Act) suggests that protection by the justice system will be limited to a favoured few. I was reminded of Meryl Streep's character in Rendition (2007), when defending the use of enhanced interrogation techniques by the US authorities:

Corrine Whitman: Honey, this is nasty business. There are upwards of 7,000 people in central London alive tonight, because of information that we elicited just this way. So maybe you can put your head on your pillow and feel proud for saving one man while 7,000 perish, but I got grandkids in London, so I'm glad I'm doing this job... and you're not. 

Sadly these views are shared by some MPs across the gangway from the government, and I don't mean just the Ulster unionists.

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Frank Little said...

Since writing the original, I heard of the resignation of Jo Shaw. I am saddened that she should leave the only mainstream party which has fairness for all as part of its constitution. However, enough people have stayed to vote against Pt II for a second time and the leadership should take note. Leaders are temporary, principles are not, and a leadership election can be called in 2015 at the latest.