Saturday, 22 March 2014

Democracy is still alive in South Africa

Not enough publicity has been given in this country to the recent findings of corruption (which make our duck-houses and trouser-presses pale into insignificance) against South African President Jacob Zuma. The public purse had, at the president's private Nkandla home, built Zuma and his family a visitor centre, cattle kraal, chicken run, swimming pool, and amphitheatre among other things. The president is now being asked to pay back a good percentage of the costs.

The news reports demonstrate that in the new South Africa women can hold powerful positions. They also show that the law is above any politician, no matter how mighty. There are worrying moves by figures within the ruling ANC party to unseat the public prosecutor, Thuli Madonsela, but she has so far resisted them stoutly - and in view of the forthcoming elections, if the ANC overreaches, the party will almost certainly suffer at the ballot.

The Democratic Alliance, the Liberal International affiliated party in South Africa, has launched a bid for impeachment.

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