Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Farage's business experience

It was another storming performance by Nick Clegg on the LBC debate tonight. For those who didn't hear it, there are links from Liberal Democrat Voice among other things. So comments from me on the debate itself are superfluous.

However, I was interested in Nigel Farage's implied claim of business experience. (He contrasted this with Nick's never having done a real job, something which Nick put us right on later.) Now I knew that he was described as a former commodities trader (i.e. a City speculator) but I hadn't realised until I read his wikipedia entry in detail how less than glorious was his c.v.:

1982-1986 Drexel Burnham Lambert (collapsed 1990, after multiple criminal charges)
1986-1994 Credit Lyonnais Rouse (subsidiary of French bank which narrowly avoided liquidation)
1994-2003 Refco (collapsed 2005)
2003-? Natixis Metals.

So that's two US and two French companies - very patriotic - but one must give Mr Farage credit for getting out in time on at least two occasions.

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